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  • I schedule 50-minute sessions in person and online. 

  • I am a flexible person by nature and can be flexible to your scheduling needs (within reason). I generally work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9-6.

  • I have an office in NE Portland.

  • Rarely does insurance cover parenting coaching. I accept cash, cards, or digital payment. I offer a sliding scale for those in need.

  • You are filled with worry, misery, and doubts (WMDs). Your child is out of control or struggling with self-esteem, academics, siblings, house rules. You've read the books and tried the things and issues are not getting better, in fact, they are likely getting worse the harder you try! OR

  • You are a young parent, or a parent of happy healthy children, and you want to stay ahead of the curve. You don't want to parent like you were parented. You've heard your parent's voice come out of your mouth and you didn't like it. You struggle with traditional discipline. You have a neuro-unique kiddo who requires a little more energy than you can sustain long-term.

  • You are looking for 1:1 support specific to how you can parent in a way that builds the connection you know or dream is possible.

  • You've heard of the Nurtured Heart Approach® and how simple it is, but you are struggling to implement it as often and as thoroughly as you'd like.

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