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My Approach

I have an integrative and holistic approach that was formed through extensive education, training, life experience, and my own work in counseling. I have experience and am very comfortable with all age groups, and love working with couples and families. My education is informed through the lenses of colonialism, feminism, queer, Jungian, attachment, humanistic, energetic, trauma-informed, psychedelic, and neuro-science schools of thought. I wholeheartedly believe that we each control our destiny and have the power to transform our lives with the right support, resources, and perspective. I use the Nurtured Heart Approach in almost all of my interactions to build Inner Wealth™. I am also certified in Ketamine Assisted Therapy and Rapid Trauma Processing (a newer form of EMDR).


I've been a high energy entrepreneur since I was a child, have survived trauma, have parented children to young adulthood, have been married, divorced, partnered, and have lived around the country and around the world. I've done my own work and view myself as a lifelong learner. I am eager to bring my knowledge, experience, and intuition to bear in your life. 

Our work together will include all the tools in the toolbox that work for you…in-person or online sessions, great books we read and review together, and best practices proven by the most current research on trauma, healing, and mental health. 

We all need help sometimes and being here is a strong first step. It’s amazing what some light, air, space, or attention can do to help you feel better, uncover solutions, and find new ways of being. 

We will work together to help you build a bridge to better, however you define that. 

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