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Bridge To Relationship

A therapeutic bridge to healing, improved relationships, and how you want to be.
My Approach

I am passionate about relationships and helping people heal and improve their most important relationships: including with their partners, their children/parents, and themselves. I provide another set of eyes and an array of tools to help you uncover your blindspots, find the courage to change, heal old wounds that are limiting you, and improve your relationships. I do this through thoughtful questions, gentle suggestions, a lot of encouragement, and employing various integrated therapeutic techniques such as CBT, EMDR, somatic, mindfulness practices, and more. Additionally, I have training and experience in Trauma Informed Parenting, Developmental Trauma, Mediation, Meditation, the Nurtured Heart Approach, and more. 

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About me

Bridget Saladino, LPCA

MDiv., DMin. (ABD), AT, KAT

As a parent, a partner, a successful entrepreneur/business owner, a holder of four degrees, and decades of life experience, I bring a deep wealth of knowledge and intuition to our time together.



We all experience trauma, grief, and loss, and we're all on some mental health spectrum. Healing is possible. You deserve to be heard and seen. 

This is your time, one of your safest spaces, with no judgment.​ Some people prefer an active/directive approach and others prefer a softer/passive approach. I will use my intuition and open communication to tailor my approach to meet your needs.



Relationships are a complex and captivating dance, and sometimes we just keep stepping on each other’s toes. Your primary relationship has broken down and the damage accruing in the wake is heartbreaking. What changed, why, and is it even worth it anymore? What are the patterns you might be blind to? Why do other couples seem so in sync? We will focus on various practices and building trust to get you back to that beautiful dance. 



First of all, you are already doing better than you think! 

Are you filled with worry, misery, and doubts (WMDs)? Is your child out of control or struggling with self-esteem, academics, siblings, house rules? Have you read the books and tried the things and issues are not getting better, in fact, are they getting worse the harder you try?! Let's dive into strategies that can transform your child and yourself.



You've lost the fun in dysfunctional. The system isn't working for all its members. Let’s work together to give you and your family tools and solutions that work for everyone. Do you feel like you are accidentally making things worse? Do you have a child in crisis? Is your family going through a challenging transition? Are parents not on the same page with discipline? Are you having trouble communicating with your teen? Or with your parents? 

Therapy Sessions

Getting Help

There is always help when you need it. If you are reading this now and feel you are in crisis, please call 988. From crisis lines to the latest and greatest books and tips and tricks. I've included some of my favorites that you can access 24/7. Please take care of you, pick up the phone, ask for help, take time to learn or try something new. Chances are you've survived similar or worse and your present struggle just needs some light, air, space, or attention. 

Breathe. You've got this.

Bridget cultivates nurturing relationships and embodies the compassionate helping spirit needed for those who are suffering in this ever-changing and shattered world of ours. Bridget has a sharp mind, a heart for social justice, and an intuitive sense of what it takes for people to feel fulfilled in their quests to live meaningful lives.

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